Yung berg dating

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Yung berg dating

Yung Berg doesn't matter to the Internet anymore but his plight will always serve in its hilarity.Twitter may have taken on a life of its own, but the real world is the one we actually live in.On August 23, 2008 it was reported that Yung Berg was ambushed by Trick-Trick, a Detroit Michigan rapper.But later on, he denied o anything to do with the altercation but in fact saved Yung from the altercation. That’s the question that’s being asked after the vixen turned author posted photos of herself with Yung Berg.Fans of the controversial star noted on Instagram that she’s been cozying up to the rapper/songwriter in a series of shots.Just search #yungbergschain or #yungbergshead on Twitter and give yourself a a pretty good chuckle at his expense.

Berg was initially charged with “obstruction of breathing,” and was later slapped with three counts of assault and one count of harassment.

“Do That There” was his second single, which featured Dude ‘n’ Nem which peaked at number 33 on the Hot 100.

He released a mixtape called The Show, The Hotel and The Afterparty on January 7, 2010, a collaboration mixtape with his brother K-Young called ‘Money Can’t Buy Love’ on May5, 2010 and another mixtape called Ground Work on September 28, 2010.

It’s way too soon to tell but word is that reality star Masika Kalysha could be with the newly 21-year-old singer.

Masika posted a picture of she and Justin in bed on her Instagram but according to VH1’s own Gossip Table, when the comments started to pour in, the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star deleted the picture.

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He had many other releases on the way like The Love Project and Chicago Redemption, which was released on June 20, 2011 and June 2, 2012 respectively.