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Baumbach and Paltrow also rescue their friend from the trend-watchers who always grouped De Palma with Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, and company as “The Movie Brats.” He and Martin Scorsese had more hipster éclat and street smarts than the rest of those guys.

What is clear from the start of his determination to grow as an artist.

In the documentary, when you see the various blades piercing into Laurie’s body, you’ve got to think of little Brian watching his dad slicing through tissue in the OR.

, which he did write as well as direct, is almost autobiographical.

It’s soaked in the psychological fantasies of its doomed heroine (Angie Dickinson) as well as the grittier realities of the hero’s hooker helper (Nancy Allen).is to director profiles what Brian De Palma films are to conventional thrillers: its brilliance, humor, and humanity put it leagues beyond the usual “making-of” doc or DVD extra.Rarely has a filmmaker so energetically and eloquently revealed the pressures and pleasures of a director’s work.What’s more gratifying is the way his vibrant patter melds with his seductive compositions.His words and images instantly express how exultantly and beautifully he stylized Stephen King’s novel, infusing it with his feeling for the giddiness of youth.

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