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I practice yoga and mix essential oils for diffusing and making lotions.

He told me several times that I deserved to be treated with more consideration. In October, he was given two complimentary tickets to a Bon Jovi concert at Nassau Coliseum. He didn’t say anything else and just let it go; he is a very nice guy.You go to class after class, sermon after sermon and hear that all God has for you is for you to wait on the man, the touch, the intimacy, that never comes. People disempower you while telling you they are empowering you. He came to work, handed them to me and said, “I have these free tickets. Then in February 1986, on Valentine’s Day, Scott unexpectedly stopped by my house.He said he ordered roses for me and wanted to see if they had arrived.

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I invited him inside and told him I broke up with my boyfriend. The roses were never delivered, so he bought me a heart-shaped pendant with a little diamond in the center.

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