Is phyllisia and jah cure dating

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The perfect harmony and well crafted verses would lead you to believe that this is not Ras Slick and Jah Cure’s first duet.

But low and behold, it’s their very first time recording together.

It’s hard to argue with a message of hope this heartfelt, especially when it’s presented in a fresh, musical form.

But enough outta me—are you feeling Jah Cure’s latest endeavor?

His sixth album, WORLD CRY carried the track “Unconditional Love,” which shot to the top of the charts, becoming the number one reggae single worldwide.

Inevitably, landing an entertainment management position with RIU hotels in Jamaica further honed his music connection.

Ras Slick’s dreams of becoming a Reggae superstar are unfolding right before his eyes.

With his repertoire of melodic reggae love songs and songs about dire social conditions, Jah Cure has earned himself a special place in the hearts of music lovers worldwide.

Thus, his presence at Soufriere Creole Jazz is a thrilling occasion for Soufrierians and the rest of the St. Born in Hanover Jamaica in 1978, Siccaturie Jah Cure Alcock started his love affair with music from the tender age of three.

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