Cid episode 1315 online dating

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Cid episode 1315 online dating

The Jews took refuge in York Castle as the mob surrounded it.Besieged for days, the Rabbi inside proposed an act of collective suicide, rather than give themselves up to the mob.Cardiff Castle is a truly remarkable site with a history that spans over two thousand years.Roman soldiers slept here, noble knights held court here, and the Bute family — one of the world's richest — transformed the Castle into a romantic, Victorian fantasy.Harsh governance by the Despensers encouraged a Welsh rebellion under Llywelyn Bren. In 1318 Bren was crushed, hung, drawn and quartered on Despenser's orders. Mary Lewis from Reading University who shows Dan the bones of someone who had suffered the same grisly death. Lewis believes these bones to be those of Hugh Despenser the Younger…Cardiff Castle was besieged many times during the English Civil War.

In 1106 Henry I gave the castle to his illegitimate son, Robert of Gloucester.

Dan fires a cannonball at a disused van to see how much damage a cannon can really do.

Episode #202 – "Cardiff Castle" Dan Jones is in the heart of Wales, exploring a stronghold that was built not just as an impenetrable fortress but also as a lavish fairy tale home: Cardiff Castle.

Today, it is Scotland's most-visited paid tourist attraction.

Jones learns about the horrific incident that inspired the shocking "Red Wedding" in In 1440, the teenage Earl of Douglas and his brother were murdered in cold blood at a dinner with 9-year-old James II, in David's Tower.

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