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Camp shane adults

Also, optional Cognitive Behavioral Therapy services may qualify you for an insurance reimbursement. Check with your tax advisor to determine whether and how much of the cost of the Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts program would be deductible or visit gov for additional information. We’re an all-inclusive weight loss program where you learn to make foundational changes allowing a healthier, more productive life. And backed by more than 47 years experience in the weight loss industry. Our expert advisors know how to push past your perceived limits., and you’ll be surrounded by others just like you.We checked out the competition: Two weeks in a double room at Canyon Ranch will cost you ,310.

Compare us to other weight loss programs and you’ll see you get more for your money here.

And so the camp became known as Camp Shane—125 wooded, gently rolling acres near the 600,000-acre Catskill Mountain Forest Preserve. Today there are five camps across the country—Georgia, Texas, California, Arizona have joined New York—and now more than 650 boys and girls spend anywhere from three to nine weeks every summer at the New York camp alone.

Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts was created in continuation of the Camp Shane tradition, except for adults. She spent every summer in her own cabin in the center of Camp Shane New York, becoming a grandma to all the campers and embodying the most important aspect of Camp Shane, that being the feeling of family.

At Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts, we beat them all hands down. Price Match Guarantee–We will match the price of another comparable residential weight loss program’s advertised rates or specials for a one week stay or longer. When looking at other programs be sure to add up all the extras and taxes to determine the real cost.

We offer single, double and triple occupancy accommodations. Pay by Echeck: By choosing electronic transfer from your bank account, you can avoid the 3% credit card convenience fee.

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We will help you save for your future enrolled stay with interest free, monthly payments of $100 or more for 6-24 months. You may have medical insurance coverage for part of the cost of your stay.

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